Ashtanga Yoga Crete Nektarios MitritsakisNektarios Mitritsakis was born in 1971 in Chania, Crete where he lives up until now.

In 1998, his studies in sitar and classical Indian music brought him to India and eventually to his first yoga class. Since then, yoga became an integral part of his life.

Each of the following years, while in India and in parallel with his studies in music, he pursued to deepen his practice by working with various teachers, by coming in contact with many practitioners and by studying thoroughly the classical yoga scriptures.

This quest of his brought him in contact with the Asthanga Vinyasa system and since 2002 he has been practicing it systematically and with great devotion. He has been studying with Kristina Karitinou, also taking seminars with Richard Freeman, David Williams and Manju Jois.

Nektarios has been teaching the Ashtanga yoga method as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois since 2009 while in 2012 Manju Jois authorized Nektarios to further do so. He now, teaches primary and intermediate series.

His extensive time to India also led him to become an accomplished sitar and veena player as well as a certified Vedic astrologer. During the last years he also practices Vipassana meditation and spends much of his time on the mountains becoming a skillful mountaineer.  


Personal Path

Ashtanga Yoga Crete Nektarios Mitritsakis

As a young man I was restless and frivolous yet hardworking. I would follow classes at school in the morning and work as a waiter in the afternoon or even during nighttime. My life was different from the people of my age.

As I was growing up, I started realizing more and more clearly that I was not satisfied with my life. I found the things I was involved in unfulfilling and I had no idea what I could do instead. I was confused and angry at life. I was looking for the causes of my problems outside of me, blaming others.

Since then I have changed a lot, following paths I never thought I would ever take. Today I feel reborn. I am satisfied and fulfilled by the things I am involved in, I am around people that I love and love me back, I enjoy a body full of euphoria and stamina, I feel connected to the nature around and in me, while I feel that I am constantly evolving.

Everything began after a concert of some classic Indian music. I was enchanted by the peculiar sounds of the sitar, the uplifting yet calming music, the peace and joy I felt inside.

Without having any experience of any musical instrument I decided to learn the sitar. So since 1998, at the age of 27, and for the following 12 years I was spending all of my winters in Varanasi, North India, trying to improve in playing this unique musical instrument.

Varanasi had been a great school for me. Living in such a different place brought me in contact with people, sceneries and experiences that played an important role in my life. In parallel with the fascination of music, living in such a different and unique place, I found myself discovering and developing qualities in me that previously I was not aware of having.

In this magical place and in a rather amusing way I came in contact with yoga for the first time. My body is by its nature stiff. Sitting on the floor holding the sitar for hours in order to study was for me a tedious task. Following the advice of a good friend I went to a yoga sala. Having no clue about yoga and being totally unprepared of what to expect I was terrified by the pictures hanging on the walls showing people in the most peculiar postures. “Why should someone do this to himself?” I wondered and asked the teacher to just show me some exercises exclusively for the right foot, the one that has to bend in order to hold the sitar properly and with no strain. The teacher smiled at me and took me to his class, fortunately, not paying attention to my request.

Eventually, and in a short period of time I started feeling the benefits of practicing yoga. This led me to revise my former beliefs and to engage more in yoga and its practices.

For the next few  years I  approached my practice with a carefree depthless manner. It was sufficient enough to just do my practice and enjoy the consequent tranquility and stamina. I met several teachers and I came in contact with various approaches of yoga. At some point however, the profound realization of the potential that yoga has to offer made me approach my own practice in a more refined and thoughtful way. I started studying classic scriptures such as Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradibika etc, and practicing daily by myself.

While experimenting with the various kinds of yoga I came across Asthanga Vinyasa yoga and I was tempted to give it a try. Starting with the first series I came to realize that gradually positive changes in my body, mood and attitude were taking place. This realization was so deep that after only one month of daily practice I decided to devote my efforts to this system specifically.

I had never expected that someday I myself would teach this method and if I now do this it happened as a natural outcome of my deep belief that this system can benefit others the   same way it has benefited me. I am grateful to all of my teachers for everything that lovingly and devotedly taught me. I am grateful to every student that gives me the opportunity to further explore and advance my interest in yoga and its various potential. I hope each and every one will give a fair opportunity to this method as it is my strong belief that its practice has the ability to transform.