As a Musician

16667412 986498964784844 1663025155 oAs long as I remember myself, music was always a good friend.
Since my experiences and taste of music varied from time to time, whenever the appropriate sound touched the right part of my soul I always felt healed by it.
I always loved music, but I become interested to learn it around the age of 25.
Luckily, I was in an Indian classical music concert in Thessaloniki, north Greece, in ’95.
I experienced something like being in a temple where the prayers happened through the sound, pure sound without adding words.
In the coming year, I travelled to India and came back with a sitar.
I had few basic lessons and I realized that if I wanted to learn it properly I should go to its ‘source’, India.
Next year, in ’98, I travelled to Varanasi, north India, following a recommendation to meet a certain Sitar teacher.
Surprisingly I found out that he was the same musician I had seen on stage                                                                                                                                two years ago in Thessaloniki.
For the following 12 years, I used to spend about half a year in Varanasi studying with Rabindra Narayan Goswami the sitar and later the surbahar (a base instrument similar to the sitar).
Music was the main reason that I was there, but Varanasi had to offer more like yoga, philosophy, Vedic astrology.
I would like to point out that the way and approach of this music as I experience it myself is a spiritual path.
That approach was something that I have not experienced before and I was inspired to devote a part of my life to it. Of course, there is no end to it, just I could say that those years the seeds of music were ‘implanted’ within me, something that grows through time.

I am very grateful to my teacher for many reasons and for sure that if it was not him probably I would not continue to study this type of music.
It took time for me, practice and persistence for achieving the basics like tuning, rhythm and comfortable position.
It is said that it takes at least 10 years to be able to enjoy your practice, 20 for the listeners to enjoy your playing, 40 for your Guru (teacher) to enjoy your music and at least a lifetime for God to enjoy your practice.

I never approached this music as Indian, in the sense that it is only referred to those who come from India, but as a path through the sound to see deep within me, where I could see an endless universe.
Through the period that I spent in India, I had the chance to meet many interesting yogi- musicians and to listen to many concerts.
Later around 2008 I got another special musical instrument the Rudra veena.
Soon I travelled to the Gurukul (a place where someone studies music) of the Dagar family. There I had the chance to spend some time with Fariddudin Dagar, one of the last Ustad (someone with deep knowledge and experience of music) of the Dhrupad scene (an approach to Indian music with a deep meditate quality) and to study with Bahauddin Dagar the Rudra veena, something that influenced my approach to music much.
Another important musician that influenced me deeply is Pushpraj Kosthi from Mumbai. The above musicians had the deepest influence on me, but there are also many others I met and listened to their music.
Two musicians that had a very important impact on me and influenced me deeply though their recordings, since I never met them, are Nikhil Banerjee and Zia Mohiuddin Dagar.

I cannot see any limits in this path and I enjoy its practice, as well as I feel very happy sharing it with open listeners.