Indian classical music

Indian classical music through the approach of the Raga can act deeply in our soul and offer abundant therapeutic benefits to it. With the term ‘Raga’ a Sanskrit term, we can say ‘coloring the mind, the soul’ . Using different notes in a certain way and putting emphasis on some of them we can feel a ‘painting’ being colored or a similar feeling to the soul. The term Raga comes from the ancient times of India. It is said Shiva as a great yogi spent time in the nature practicing it.
It is attributed to specific moments of the day, like morning, afternoon, evening, night or in more specific periods like spring, winter, or summer in order to bring rain.
We observe in the nature of a musician as yogi who has grown sidhis (spiritual powers) can influence and heal though the sound.
The nature and atmosphere of this type of music according to the history was from practitioners who lived in nature and in tune with it and explored the Raga.
We can observe an intense approach to the spiritual element, a search for God through the sound.
Today we can find this kind of music on concert halls but its essential position is through meetings in small rooms, or ‘bhaitak’ as they are called in India, which reminds a gathering of meditators.

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