Music and Yoga

κειμενο 1Music has a profound influence on our existence, something that has been observed from the ancient time of humanity. We use the Asanas to clean our body, unlock it, detoxify it and coordinate with our soul. Through them we learn and experience the basic ethics as non- violence, truth, self-control. The fine practice of Asana brings balance within us as it happens with everything in nature that is in tune and moves with rhythm.
As we observe alternating in the seasons, the flow of the planets, harmony in universe, life and death, each practice of yoga like each part of the 8 steps of Asthanga yoga is preparing our self to be more ‘clean’ and ready to experience the cosmic truth through awareness of each moment.
During focusing on our breath and feeling its stable flow we experience peace, while we can observe intense sensations in each breath retention/ pause (Kumbaka) either by deliberately holding the breath or by letting the pause happen in a natural way (Kevala Kumbaka). The more unblocked and clean our body is, keeping the breath flow in a stable rhythm, the more our mind can concentrate in order to experience deep truth within with the practice of meditation.

There are many ways to be in contact with our self, using our senses, many ways and approaches. One of them is the sensation of hearing, the sound. Familiar to the human being and able to penetrate every part of our self.
From the time of our birth, every period and phase of our life as also the moment that we leave the body we often use music as a companion, an ‘invisible’ friend that can touch our soul.
The effect of the sound in combination with the rhythm is a very special approach, very beneficial that goes hand in hand and co-exists with every phase of our life.
While Asana cleans and detoxes our body in a more tangible and directly perceived level, music works in a more subtle way.

An old story says that once God asked the soul to enter the human body, but the soul refused due to body’s limitations.
The God commanded Angels to sing, then the soul being ecstatic from dance came within the human body.
Since then till today and whenever the soul listens to music, we can experience even for few seconds that freedom again, a sense of time or a journey beyond the narrow limits of a human body.