Musical Instruments

Indian classical music is a tradition based on vocal as the main means of expression. It can also be expressed through musical instruments that can imitate the voice usually string or wind.
Sitar is one of the most popular instruments of north India, as it is referred in texts from around the 13th century.
Surbahar or as it is translated ‘sound of spring’ is similar to the Sitar but larger in size with a deeper and base sound.
Both instruments originate from the Rudra Veena as their ancestor that its construction is said to be an invention of lord Shiva.
It is said that while Shiva was in the forest he build it in order to explore the more fine parts (shrutis) of sound.
Inspired by his wife’s breasts, Parvati, he placed two large pumpkins as the speakers while he used Parvati’s bracelets as frets. He also used one hair from each of the seven Rishis (saints) for the strings of the instrument.
Another important instrument that is used is the Tanpura, keeping the main drone for the musical instruments.


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