The atmosphere of music

κειμενο 2

What makes Indian classical music so special is its deep connection with meditation and silence. Rich in lyricism and sensitivity mostly aims to awaken a deep inner silence so the listener can experience peace and awareness within.
Due to its introverted beauty can be treated as music for entertainment. In reality, however, it is more a kind of meditation through the sound.
A familiar listener goes deep by listening to it. Also it has been observed that even those who have not been in contact with this type of music before can enjoy and get benefited from its therapeutically qualities too.
While tuning the musical instrument the atmosphere is already lightened up through the listeners’ faces bringing the picture of a drawing that is being painted at that very moment.
The listener can feel within the body the music that enters through the ears while sitting preferably in a comfortable position and turning the attention in the flow of the sound. Easily one can find that the intensity, the rhythm and the melody affect his/ her internal constitution. Through this observation the sound moves in harmony with the breath all over the body and begins to give the feeling of vibration.

In this way the listener in the meditative mood comes in contact with the body and though it with his/her feelings.
He/She doesn’t escape but experiences the present moment while listening and even after the music ends.
The value of music inspires us to realize our inner and outer existence.
Music inspires us to experience the beauty of life at the present moment and any moment of our existence.